AYBIN POLIMER is a respected name in the international sourcing, marketing and distribution industries. We collect physical products and goods from international suppliers and sell them to customers around the world. This means that we transport goods by sea, train and truck, store and process them and deliver them when the customer requests them, taking into account quality and specifications.

Our primary responsibility is to deliver goods to customers with the most competitive quality, price and timeliness. Aybin Polimer is one of the leading distributors in the world. As a full-service supplier, we have a global sales, logistics and distribution network.

Our company is an expert in the field of high-volume merchandise trade all over the world by carrying out targeted activities in the strategic supply of plastic raw materials.


To be a premium global trading organization with leadership position in the products, regions we operate.


To deliver superior value to stake holders by being the trusted business partner.


AYBIN POLIMER ,Powered by a strong professional team, we have the reach and scale to service our clients across the globe. Delivering both competitive rates and smooth transits with ethical business practices without compromising on quality & services.

Reliability has been one of the key drivers of our growth. It is our principle that timely execution of contracts and delivering our commitments to the satisfaction of both suppliers and buyers.

We market to abroad base of industrial consumers, in sectors such as plastic raw materials and Urea.


Our main field of activity is the trade and marketing of chemical and polymer products. We are capable of sourcing a wide variety of materials from all trusted petrochemical companies worldwide.




Over the years we have been offering high quality Urea to our customers. We specifically supply 46% urea from all well-known manufacturers. Aybin Polimer company has a special history in this industry. Thanks to our professional team, we provide the highest quality and fastest services to our customers.


Ethical practices are the very foundation of AYBIN POLIMER. As a corporation that touches the world, we feel it is our responsibility to be a shining example of corporate governance and values driven business in all the communities that we touch. We adhere to every compliance, showcase the highest level of corporate governance

Customers are at the heart of our business.



We can store your goods and transport them to every part of the world by using our strong distribution network by ship, thus increasing the added value and arbitrage value.


In addition to manufacturing and selling our own products, we cooperate with third-party suppliers with a wide range of products in all countries with global marketing..


As AYBIN Polimer, we are one of the leading and strongest supplier distributors of physical goods worldwide. We want to have long-term commercial relations with our customers.


We can provide short- and long-term loans and financing to our customers and suppliers, thus ensuring that there is continuous supply and demand.


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